You’re Guide to Extreme Adventure Travel

Traveling to exotic locations and doing extreme sports is what this site is all about. Number one, we love to travel! Number two, we love extreme sports!

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine Brandon got me started traveling and doing extreme sports. Brandon owns Fortress Roofing, a Roofing Company in St Petersburg Florida. He makes pretty good money and only works part of the year, then the rest of the year he travels around the world hitting super cool destinations doing what he loves.

I worked for Brandon for a couple summers and after we got to know each other he found out I also enjoyed traveling, diving and spearfishing. We started spearfishing locally and had a lot of fun in Florida. Then one winter he invited me to go with him spearfishing in Costa Rica. After that trip, I was hooked, Big Time! We have been on several great trips every year for the last several years. We also spend time planning our next trips.

Hiking, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Freediving and Spearfishing are our top favorites. Doing these sports takes us to unique and beautiful locations around the world.

Thinking about and planning our next trips, imagining all the details about the trip and doing the research is almost as much fun as the actual trip.

This site and these blog posts are about our adventures as we travel around with our families doing what we love. We hope to inspire you as well as entertain you.

Guincho Wayra is a beautiful hotel located near Guincho beach.

Guincho Wayra is a great example of a place to go try out if you have the bug for adventure travel. There is always a lot to do at Guincho Wayra including Kitesurfing, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Spearfishing and stand up paddle boarding.

We also hope to give some value to everyone who enjoys these same sports.

Our goal is to help you have more fun, grow in these sports and find new locations.

Traveling is always exciting and getting the skinny on where to go or not go is always key.

If we can give you a couple small tips, tell you about a great restaurant or a cant miss Happy Hour, we will feel we have been a success.

We would also like to help you grow in your sports and help you to become more proficient which always adds to the fun and excitement.

The content on this site will focus primarily on the following four sports:

  • Spearfishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Freediving
  • Snowboarding

And then we also will pack in the best information about the best places and locations to go and do these sports. The more remote the better. So the best locations are often hard to find. Locals like to keep them on the down low so many of the best location are kept secret. These little less know spots will often be the best of memories. Places with less people, more nature, raw and intimate. Places when you tell people about your trip, they have never even heard of it!

I hope you enjoy the site and get a lot from it. It’s all about the journey and the adventure. It’s not about how good you are or what awards you get. We like to get better and we like to do a good job but for us it’s more about the experience and the memories we make and times we have had together.

Here’s to our next trip and our next adventure. I hope you see you out there!