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Hi, My name is Jimmy. I am a small breeder of high quality bearded dragons. Thank you guys so much for the awesome baby hypo translucent leatherback bearded dragon I got from you about a week ago. She is amazing ! She eats everything in sight and her colors are awesome. I'm only thirteen and already getting into bearded dragons. Once again thank you guys so much for the awesome bearded dragon and support ! I will definately be buying many more translucent babies from you guys !

Have a nice day
Jimmy Lake
I just received my Crimson Bearded Dragon and she is drop dead gorgeous. Thank you so much !

Lynn Purper

Just wanted to thank you guys for sending us Mya (German Giant Leatherback Bearded Dragon). She's a character. Our family loves her so much. I appreciate you working with me as well. Her enclosure wasn't ready and I asked if she could be shipped later and it was done without a problem. She arrived well and healthy and continues to be doing great. She loves her veggie mix with strawberries but not as much as she loves her Phoenix worms, dubia roaches. I attached some pics. She is so funny we enjoy her so much.

Carla Fuenzalida

Mr. Scary (Lemon Ice Bearded Dragon) is doing well. I've gut fed crickets and gave him very finely chopped strawberries and collards (smaller than the size of an eye). When the 12 hours of daylight have ended and I switch on the purple nightlight, he quietly goes to a corner of the terrarium, shuts his eyes, and goes to sleep. He's very docile and displays no signs of aggression. I am very happy and extremely pleased with him and his adaptability to his new home.

Thank you so much !

Hal Wenk

Thank you for our new bearded dragon Oscar. He is very friendly and absolutely beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
P.S. He loves his new home but he really loves to be held.

Andrea Stevens

Thank you so much for the added information !!! I was concerned about ordering online, but I am so glad I did. "Sparticus" (bearded dragon) is an early  x-mas gift for my son for making straight A's, so we are grateful that he sounds so well taken care of and positive he will arrive in perfect condition.

He has arrived !!!   He is  perfect !!!    Thank you !!!

Sebena Smith

She has arrived (female leatherback bearded dragon) and is prettier than in her pictures. Extremely pleased with her. She has had a soak and is now checking out her enclosure. Thank you so much.

Moira Murty

I just wanted to say thank you ! My girl just arrived and she is friendly, cuddly, and oh so beautiful ! I love the leatherback morph and her disposition ! I can't wait to see how she looks when she's done shedding ! If you ever have some solid red or yellow leatherbacks let  me know !!!

Suzanne Lynn

I  ordered a bearded dragon and not only was she fat and beautiful but came the next day first thing in the morning. I would like to give you guys ten stars. My bearded dragon is beautiful and healthy and she loves our other dragon. We had no problems with her adjusting. Thank you and we look forward to doing more business in the future. If you want a bad ass dragon at a good price don't go anywhere else BUT A-1 Reptiles.

Felisha Miracle

I just wanted to say thank you for the bearded dragon, he's even more beautiful in person !

Josh Devlin

Hi there :) Just wanted to let your know I got my baby bearded dragon safe and sound, and he is an AMAZING bearded dragon! Quite the appetite too! Thank you so  much !

Amy Smith

I received the beardie. He's beautiful. Thanks to you and your staff. If you need a great review please do not hesitate  to tell me where to send it. Again my sincerest thank you.

Renda Evans
New Jersey

Just got my new Beardie. His name is now Cambyses which means Handsome King in Greek, because he's just so darn gorgeous. He was in good health and packed safely upon arrival and I couldn't be more pleased.

Maegan Housley

Thank you so much ! He is beautiful and is great. He has personality for sure. I am so happy I went with  your company. All you did for me to have him. I highly recommend you to anyone looking for bearded dragons. By far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much.

Robert Morrison
New Hampshire

Just wanted to let you know that the bearded dragon arrived safe and sound. Your pictures, though very good, did not do justice to the coloring! Beautiful colors and patterns.

Joe Garcia

Your packaging is the best I've ever seen. You obviously know what you're doing. The colors on the bearded dragon we purchased are outstanding.  We are very happy with our purchase of the bearded dragon and plan to buy more from you in the future.

Carol Hart

We  purchased a German Giant Bearded Dragon and we could not be happier. He has the most beautiful pattern and colors I've ever seen on a bearded dragon. We just wanted to say thank you and we'll be back for more bearded dragons.

Mort Carlton
New Mexico