How to travel with the best gadgets during COVID-19.

Of course, weather you are flying or driving to your latest vacation destination in these times, there will be times that you will need and or be required to wear a mask.

This is one that we found to be most comfortable and give you and others the best protection. The mask offered by Rendall Co. the Sentry mask is designed for comfort and all-day wear. With this mask you can add your own filter, and it also has copper nose band for a great fit, as well as reducing eye fog on eyewear. This mask is at a terrific price of $19.00, and being made of cotton makes it easy to wear and very comfortable.

Another interesting and trendy item helps you both with convenience and ease, in protecting yourself from the sun by wearing your favorite large brim hat. This clever gadget allows you to keep your hat attached to your suitcase or hand bag, rather than being crushed in your bag. It looks like a great designer key chain, and has magnetic closure, so ease of use, and at a great price point of $48.00 from Top tote.

While out and about, don’t miss out on getting your water intake! Owala has a stylish, yet functional water bottle, that won’t leave you open to germs…. yuck. This water bottle is BPA and phthalate-free is stain and order resistant, dishwasher safe, and has the flip down lid, at only $15.00, scoop one up for your trip and stay hydrated!

Once again on the germ front, not a place most of us want to be, however, another great product from Nice seats. Protect yourself from germs weather it is at the airport, your airplane seat, a seat at the movie theater, buses or trains, these seat covers work for it all.  So, no matter how you travel this great seat cover is easy to use, and at only $60.00, not bad for avoiding a couple of the germiest places, the headrest and seatback.

My next go to, also preventing germs, is Green Goo. While using hand sanitizer is encouraged, and used often, so many of them leave your hands feeling dry or rough. This great sanitizer addresses that issue with ease, and is sold in a 16 oz, with 5 two-ounce bottles perfect for traveling. Grab up the goo at the SRP of $35.00.

In closing travel safely during this COVID-19 season, see some great sites, visit friends and family, or just get out there and enjoy, but do it safely and easily with these great products!